A Dream Outdoor Space From Concept to Execution

Aura Concrete & Landscape Design was contacted by these homeowners after they moved into their new construction home and found the existing landscape and patio layout to be missing something. They weren’t sure exactly what was missing but they scheduled a consultation to start the conversation. Our design team started by finding out what they would like to get out of their outdoor living space then proceeded to design a custom landscape for them.


Pictured here are some general ideas that we came up with that fulfill the customer’s requests but also show a few options that maybe they did not think of or know would be possible. The best plans always start on the ground floor and this is a great example of how a well-planned concept and execution throughout can result in a beautiful, functional dream space.

We will be adding more to this story but we feel as a Concrete & Landscape Contractor, it is important for us to show our process. We love both simple projects and more complex projects like this example. If our craftsmanship can assist you in enjoying time with your family, friends, and finding ways to connect with each other, we are all in!

We started this project by completely removing the previous walkway and existing landscape allowing us to begin with a blank canvas. We were then able to create an ideal shape and surrounding landscaping to offer maximum curb appeal. We set up a new concrete walkway and steps and then finished the sidewalk with Techo Bloc Blu 60 pavers.

The steps leading to the front entryway were redone with paver overlay and mixing a variety of different paver materials and textures. The design included a half-circle to create a visual focal point framing the entry. There are many ways to mix materials to create a personalized landscape design for any situation.

When we met with the customer there was an overwhelming feeling that the existing landscape was failing to compliment such a beautiful home. This was just the beginning of the changes that led to a cohesive design that not only enhanced the look of the home but also provided the homeowners with a functional space.

In all of our landscape designs, we focus on all seasons to give maximum design appeal. Our use of perennials and annuals will compliment the landscape in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Decorative rocks and boulders can be added to enhance landscaping. Outdoor lighting was added into the design to make sure even at night, the outdoor space looked good and remained secure.

Before we began this project, the back landscaping included a small patio with a firepit that the owners weren’t happy with.

We provided a major facelift including a larger patio area, outdoor kitchen and fireplace under a cedar pavilion, a fire pit with seating walls, and a custom water feature. All of this was enhanced with outdoor lighting throughout.


Surrounding this gas firepit, we created a design out of the pavers to help define the seating area. Landscaping was used to create some privacy screening from the neighbors and a custom water feature to create a relaxing patio that the homeowners can now use comfortably.

We were able to add a wood-burning fireplace, custom L shaped kitchen with barstools, outdoor grill, and seating area all underneath a cedar pavilion. This project is a great example of how to maximize your outdoor living space.

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